v0.40 — November 24 2023

  • SSO Authentication (Beta) is here! Learn more.
  • Fixes for a few constraints which were not being enforced correctly in FHIR R5 (beta).
  • Developer Console -- Improved the workflow for assigning and removing Roles from Developers, Users, and M2M Clients.

v0.39 — November 20 2023

  • Initial release of FHIR R5 API (beta). Learn more.
  • New landing page in the Developer Console. Learn more.
  • Users management added to the Developer Console. Learn more.

v0.38 — November 6 2023

ZapEHR is introducing Roles to control user, developer, and service account access to ZapEHR resources. Check out the changelog for more information.

v0.37 — October 16 2023

You can now schedule your Zambdas to run at a configurable rate, or at a particular time. See an example here.

v0.36 — October 5 2023

  • Messaging Service: Added ability for M2M Clients to be added as participants to conversations
  • SDK: Added support for FHIR client batch and transaction requests
  • SDK: Added ability for Z3 client to get pre-signed upload urls

v0.35 — September 20 2023

  • Messaging Service: Conversations initial release (Beta).

v0.34 — September 1 2023

  • Messaging Service: Transactional SMS initial relase (Beta).

v0.33 — August 17 2023

  • Z3 Service: Initial release (General Availability).

v0.31 — July 7 2023

  • FHIR Service: Batch / Transacton functionality added.

v0.30 — June 29 2023

  • App Service: Ability to require MFA for users authenticating to your Applications.