v0.38 — November 6 2023

ZapEHR is introducing Roles to control user, developer, and service account access to ZapEHR resources.


Roles are now live! Roles are re-usable sets of Access Policies you can apply to any number of user, developer, or M2M service accounts in your project. Set up Roles by defining Access Policy permissions for each type of resource and action, or use wildcards (*) to make the access more general.

Create a Role

Once you've set up an access policy for your role, associate it with individual users, developers, or M2M service accounts. You can also set a default access policy for new users who onboard themselves, such as patients registering for appointments.

Update a Role

You can find out which resource and action to use for each endpoint by looking at out API Reference (opens in a new tab). Check out our Access Policy documentation for more information, and get started in our developer console (opens in a new tab).

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