v0.41 — December 11 2023

ZapEHR v0.41 is now live! This release includes SDK 2.0 (opens in a new tab), which is generated so it stays in sync with the API and documentation automatically. This means that as soon as new functionality is released, you can use it in the SDK.

SDK 2.0

A new, feature complete version of our TypeScript/JavaScript SDK is now available on npm (opens in a new tab). Historically, our SDK has lagged a release or two behind the Project API but going forward they will be updated in tandem.

API Changes

In anticipation of our v1.0 release we continue to standardize our APIs. In this release any plural endpoints are now singular (for example, /iam/roles has become /iam/role). The full list of changes is:

  • /iam/roles -> /iam/role
  • /developers -> developer
  • users -> user

Check out the API Reference (opens in a new tab) for complete API documentation.

Additional changes

Readme API Request with Project ID Header
  • The API Reference (opens in a new tab) now includes the Project ID header for interacting with the Project API with a developer token.
  • Small visual tweaks to the console experience.