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The complete health tech developer platform

The zapEHR platform is a powerful collection of services designed to catalyze innovation in the healthcare space. Developers are using zapEHR to build everything from speciality-specific appointment scheduling apps through full-scope EHRs to replace legacy EHRs like eClinicalWorks.

zapEHR is the secure and compliant backend as a service for health that we call a "headless EHR". You get to focus on building front-end apps and integrations tailored to your specific use case, while zapEHR provides authentication, APIs, secure storage, and everything else you need in a medical system's backend. Your front-end apps are the "head" to zapEHR's, "headless EHR".

This documentation is intended for software developers and their teams. If that doesn't sound like you, you may want to head over to the product website.

The documents are organized into guides that explain zapEHR's features in plain language, and API references that detail every endpoint in zapEHR's APIs.


Overview of the zapEHR platform today (click to enlarge),


  • Authentication -- Secure your apps with out of the box OAuth 2.0 standard authentication. Customize our provided login screen or build your own. When your users authenticate with zapEHR, your front-end gets an access token you can use to hit the FHIR API securely directly from your front-end.

  • Identity and Access Management -- Every user is assigned an access policy limiting the scope of health data to which the user has access. Because zapEHR access policies are customizable down to the smallest FHIR scope, you have the power to implement least-privilege access for every user. We provide sample access policies for Patients, Providers, Administrators, and other roles to get you started.

  • FHIR API -- At the core of the zapEHR platform is the FHIR compliant FHIR API. FHIR is the industry standard for exchanging eletronic healthcare information. If you're new to FHIR, please read our FHIR introduction.

  • Project API -- In zapEHR, each Project is a complete and isolated environment. You might have several Projects for lower environments, and a single Project for your Production environment. The Project API includes endpoints for doing everything that sits outside of FHIR, but inside a zapEHR Project. This includes endpoints for inviting patients and providers, configuring their access policies, configuring and invoking Zambdas, and more.

  • Zambdas - Function as a Service, fully integrated with the FHIR API. Run your custom code whenever certain conditions are met in the FHIR store, at a regular time or interval with a cron job, or using authenticated and anonymous REST API invocations.

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