The eRx Service is currently in beta.

eRx Service

The eRx Service provides the basis for building prescription workflows directly into your applications. Prescribers send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically, and patients manage the pickup process.

ZapEHR eRx is built on top of Photon Health (opens in a new tab). Prescriptions are made via embedded Photon Elements (opens in a new tab) UI components. If you'd like to go straight to prescribing, you can use the eRx Prescribing guide.

eRx Service on FHIR

The eRx Service integrates with the FHIR Service. When you create or update a new patient record, this information is automatically made available in Photon. This means that when prescribers create a new prescription, you can easily select the patient from the list of available patients. For more information, see Patient Sync.

Beta Access

The eRx Service is currently in beta. Please reach out to [email protected] to request access.


The eRx Service does not yet support FHIR R5 (opens in a new tab).